A change of plan is sometimes unavoidable, so we help you to find the best solution. The procedure is free only if it is carried out within the ticket expiration.


Please note that you can NOT CHANGE a Ticket if:
1. Have taken advantage of lowcost promotions (even in the case of A / R with only ONE of the lowcost routes).
2. The ticket was booked by SUBSCRIPTION or CARNET.
3. Less than 30 minutes of leaving the departure terminal.

We wish to remember art.10 and art. 11 Travel Terms and Conditions on Reservations and Lowcosts policyes:Art. 10 Lowcost. Tickets having benefited of low-cost promotions are not editable and can not be changed.

Art. 11 Reservations. Tickets generated by “reservations” made using subscriptions or carnet , are not editable , and can not be changed.