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Gaspari offers you the possibility to travel with modern, comfortable and safe coaches with low CO2 emissions. There are many reasons to choose Gaspari bus, discover them!



Music, movies, social networking. Thanks to the free and unlimited wi-fi each journey becomes an occasion to spend your time doing what you like the most.



Embracing and comfortable seats, enough space for the legs and large reclining seats. This means traveling first class!


A calm journey is made up of small details. For this reason we provide our passengers a lot of sockets. From now on every journey and electric devices will be regenerating.


Thanks to an advanced air conditioning system, you will find a perfect temperature everywhere in your bus in the upper or lower floor, at the front or in the queue. Each journey will be always enjoyable with Gaspari.


A good journey also means to be closer to the environment. For this reason Gaspari renovates constantly its fleet, with efficient coaches in order to guarantee always a low environmental impact.


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