Annunciament to passengers

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Before your journey

You will find all the available connections on our website
You can find the complete list of all bus stops on the website
  • Click on “Log in/Sign up (top right)
  • Click on “Sign up” on the log in window
  • Fill in the form with all the required details and click on “register”.

You will receive an email containing a link to activate your account.

  • Click the link received by email.

If everything goes well, you will visualize a confirmation message and you will receive your access details (username and password).

Using your access details you will be able to log in on the website

  • Click on “Log in/ Sign up” (top right)
  • Put your username and password in and click on “Log in”
From the user panel (accessible from the icon top right entitled “USER”) you will:

  • visualize your active tickets, Carnet or subscriptions;
  • change your password;
  • redeem a subscription or a carnet previously purchased but not associated yet to your account.
When a registered user (after the log in on the website buys a subscription or a carnet, this one will be automatically “associated” to the user and it will be visible in its active Carnet/subscriptions list.
However the user may buy or may have bought a subscription or a carnet even when it was not authenticated yet on the website (for example when you decide to buy your travel document in a travel agency).
The redemption of these travel documents will be possible after the log in, in the User Panel on the website.
Just go to the appropriate section, enter your own code and follow the procedure.
  • go to User Panel on the website (log in)
  • go to Active subscriptions’ list

If the seat is bookable, you will see a button named “book” next to the subscription code

  • click on “book” next to the subscription on which you want to make a reservation
  • Follow the procedure, similar to the ticket purchase.
  • At the end, the system will generate a ticket, corresponding to the reservation just made. Print your ticket.
  • The generated reservations are nominative and can be used only by the subscription holder
  • During the same day and using the same subscription, it is possible to make a single reservation per route (2 in total, a one way and a return)
  • Reservations are not replaceable (through the ticket change procedure)
  • go to the User Panel on the website (log in)
  • go to active Carnet list;
  • Click on “book” next to the carnet you want to use;
  • Follow the procedure similar to the ticket purchase;
  • At the end, the system will generate a ticket, corresponding to the reservation just made. Print your ticket.
Yes. Each carnet consists of a number of tickets that can be used after the booking in the user Panel (similar to the subscription with bookable seats procedure)
  • The generated reservations are nominative and can be used only by the subscription holder
  • Each reservation deducts a ticket from the carnet.
  • Reservations are not replaceable (through the ticket change procedure)
Yes. All the subscribers of the route from and to Rome (Tiburtina station) can book a seat in order to have a guaranteed seat. To make the reservation go to the user panel and select ”book a seat”.
For all the other routes, the subscription can offer the seat except for availability.
Yes. All the affiliated agencies have the same rates as those you will find on the website (you will find the affiliated agencies list in the bottom part of the website)
At the Tibus station, next to the Tiburtina station.You will find Gaspari buses in the parking area number 7 for the 10,00 / 12,00 / 17,00 / 20,00 / departures ; parking area number 13 for the 15,00 departure and In the parking area number 6 for the 22,30 route.
In the service area in front of the entrance/exit of the airport.
The bus arrives at the Departures Terminal T3 and leaves from The bus station at the Arrivals Terminal exit.
The easiest way to book a bus ticket is through our website, directly on your smartphone. Booking a bit in advance you will benefit from our affordable rates. You will receive the booking confirmation via e-mail (always check your spam folder).

Furthermore, it is possible to reserve a ticket for one of our routes at the ticket offices or travel agencies affiliated, or directly from the bus driver on board, except for the seats availability, verifiable on board. If you buy the ticket on board the standard rate will be applied and you can do this according to the seats availability. Savings rates and possible discounts, addressed to groups for example, are not applicable if you buy the ticket directly on board.

If you have problems with the online booking on our website, it’s due to the browser used. Below the different options to solve the problem:
Use a different browser.
Empty the cache, delete cookies, restart the browser and try again.
Update the browser
Check your spam folder. If you can’t solve your problem , contact us at the phone number +39 0858004868 so that you can talk with an operator or send us an e-mail to We will be always happy to help you.
Yes, you can modify your reservation at the page ticket change or at the ticket office or travel agency within the ticket expiration (the departure time from the end of the line of the route). You can change the date and/or the time of your ticket.
Groups of 10 or more persons are reserved a special offer. Send your request to and we will customize you the offer.
The passengers should be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes before the departure time printed on the ticket, except for a wider limit, established in the high season period.


On board

To get on board you need to be in possession of a valid ticket, printed ticket or e-ticket (a photo or an e-mail directly on your smartphone or tablet).

You will receive the booking confirmation via e-mail (always check your spam folder).

You can carry with you a hand luggage and two hold luggage each journey. Don’t forget to write your name and address on your luggage.

Extra luggage: each passenger can carry on board an extra luggage besides the two admitted. The extra luggage rate is 5€ each piece and it must be paid on board.

To get more information about the luggage carriage conditions refer to the page Travel terms.

Yes, you can. The bicycle should have standard measures without superstructure, it must weigh 25 kg maximum. The transport is free.
Only small size pets, closed in an appropriate cage, held by the owner, are admitted on board. The related rate is in the amount of 50 % of the ordinary one and does not entitle the seat. It must be paid on board. Pets transportation is in any case put in the final decision of Gaspari bus.
Our buses have established routes and predefined timetable. Unfortunately the bus driver can’t wait for the passengers who are late. So we suggest you to arrive to the bus stop 15 minutes before the departure time.
Our buses are provided with air conditioning , toilet facilities on board, adjustable lights and comfortable seats, free Wi-Fi and sockets. Some coaches are provided with a media center with movies, music on demand, snacks and drinks on board.
Smoking and electronic cigarettes are not allowed on our buses.
Nothing is lost. Except for the seats availability, verifiable on board, we extend the ticket validity for all the routes of the day.
On each coach, as well as in the car, there are always the seatbelts. Each seat has its own safety belt which must be fastened throughout the journey.

The standard luggage, the extra luggage and the bulky luggage will be placed in the luggage compartment. The bus driver will help you to carry your luggage on board in a very safe and efficient way. The hand luggage will be placed in the compartments above your seats.

Your safety is our priority. All coaches and electronic devices are tested and supervised. The bus drivers are majored in the passengers transport and they receive a regular formation. The drivers must strictly respect, without any exceptions, the breaks and the driving period provided for by law.


After your journey.

If you forget or lose something on board, send us an e-mail to or call our customer service at the phone number +39 085 8004868.